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Art | Song Salon: Prism, the Lens With Which We View Nature

Art | Song Salon would like to kick off the New Year with our first event of the year, "Prism: The Lens Which We View Nature." 

Following the talks in Paris addressing Climate Change, it seems clear that we will have to rely on one another's actions to turn the tide on climate change. 

To bring forth a rich dialogue through Art and Music, we are honored to have Stephan Crawford, founder for the Climate Music Project ( speak to his collaboration with climate scientists, musicians, and composers to create climate data-inspired music-- with hopes to educate and engage the public on the shifting tides of climate change and what it means for us. 

We are also excited to have Elizabeth Addison (, a current fellow of the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley talk about her nature and science-inpsired work as it relates to humankind. Her recent work are respond to a series of "big" dreams and their real-life locations. 

Throughout the evening, Jessica Wan, soprano, and Tim Eischens, piano, will perform an eclectic program of songs by Chausson, Hahn, and Strauss to offer us yet another perspective as we discuss how the role of Art inpsires action and awareness around this very important topic.

Later Event: February 28
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